Cruising Down Memory Lane 2014


Random Rods Car Show

Cruising Down Memory Lane

Saturday May 24, 2014

This show will be held at the same location as previous shows at Memory Lane in Rogersville, TN.  Memory Lane is located at the home of Otis and Kathy Eldridge in Rogersville, TN.

The last show had over 900 Cars, 70 Vendors, and lots of Spectators.

Memory Lane is not only a car show, but is a 1950s style setting consisting of an old Studebaker Diner, an old Texaco Service Station, an old style Ford and Chrysler Dealership, old style Mobile Homes, a House sold by Sears and Roebuck, Blacksmith Shop, old School House, an old General Store, the Caney Creek Church, and lots of other sights to enjoy!

Entertainment is provided throughout the day and an Outdoor Movie {reminiscent of the old Drive-In style} is shown at dark.

Make your plans now to attend this show!

Memory Lane 2014 Flyer

Click here to download the Flyer.


  1. John Mullins says:

    Glad to see you all doing the show again. Always enjoyed the past ones and look forward to returning this year.

  2. Tanya Davis says:

    What time will it start and end on Saturday May 24, 2014?

  3. Jane Patterson says:

    Have seen this featured on tv and heard hundreds of people talk about it. Stoked in going on next month and would love to attend. We live in VA, could someone give me an address or directions to the event? Thanks!!!


    Looking forward to cruising up with nine cars from North Florida Classic Chevy Club from Jacksonville, Florida. See you soon.

  5. Mimi smith says:

    Be our first time to go heard about this from family looking forward to seeing this little town

  6. It’s probably just me, but I can’t find a time for registration or an ending time. Thanks

  7. Vaux Sisk says:

    This was a Car Show, Gathering and Yes a Beautiful trip down memory lane. I know that this event took many hard hours by 100’s of people to put on. Anyone that did not attend missed out on a lifetime of good memories of the past and also Today. Thier was something for everyone. You would have too be at this event to totally see what this familt and friends have created. A small town within another town with full size buildings. It should be a museum for the public to see and enjoy. I want too thank everyone for all the effort over the years to create this magical event and I do hope to make this a tradition each year if this Ottis and his lovely wife will allow this to continue.
    Thanks Again to everyone that made this happen.
    Vaux Sisk
    Church Hill, Tn.

  8. Great cruise in down town….and great car show !!!… 4th..alway s have a good time and meet interesting people…..only one suggestion…save some expense money and hire a local MC to do the music/announcements, trivia, etc…just my opinion..u may not have an expense since he is also a vendor …from observation only…do not know details……kind regards….*Starvin’

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